What is Ski Mountaineering?

Ski mountaineering racing (also known as skimo or randonnée racing) is an exciting winter sport that combines skiing uphill and downhill with mountaineering skills.

There are various events and categories that involve skiing as an individual or as a team through a series of check points to the finish line. Some parts of the course require skinning up snowy slopes, some involve bootpacking (hiking) with the skis or board attached on a backpack and other parts of the course involve downhill skiing. First person or team to the finish line wins!

Ski mountaineering is widely popular in Europe and there is a rapidly growing community in North America. Most races offer recreational and elite level courses so that racers of different skill and fitness levels can compete. Most events welcome skiers, snowboarders, telemark-skiers, and back-country enthusiasts.

Disciplines include: Individual, Sprint, Vertical, Team, and Relay.

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