Team Canada

Meet the 2023 Canadian national Ski Mountaineering team.

Our skiers compete all over the world, and Team Canada has become a mainstay at World Championships, World Cup, Youth Olympic and Grande Course competitions. Ski Mountaineering athletes from all nations will make their Winter Olympic debut at Milano-Cortina in 2026.

The Canadian national team program continuously develops talented athletes, fosters personal growth and education, and promotes the core values of sportsmanship, stewardship and community.

Senior Team / Junior Team / Development Team / Coaching

Senior Team

Aly Walford

Exshaw, AB


Racing Goals: To compete at the World Championships in Spain & the Pierra Menta Grand Course stage race with teammate Kat in France in 2023.

Personal Sponsors: SkiUphill, Dynafit

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Emma Cook-Clarke

Calgary, AB


Racing Goals: To be competitive on the world stage of skimo racing!

Personal Sponsors: Arc’teryx, G3

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Jessie McAuley

Squamish, BC


Racing Goals: In 2023 and beyond I would like to practice consistency and good sportsmanship in all events that I enter. I want to do my best no matter what the circumstances are. I would like to focus on the Individual, Vertical and Grande Course disciplines.

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Katarina Kuba

Squamish, BC


Racing Goals: I’m really excited to do Pierra Menta this season as I have never done a Grande Course yet! Big days with a lot of people is a bit intimidating but having a great partner will make it a blast!

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Kylee Ohler

Cochrane, AB


Racing Goals: World Championships 2023 and to improve as much as I can.

Personal Sponsors: La Sportiva, CAMP, Fatmap, Julbo

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Lori Anne Donald

Nelson, BC


Racing Goals: Represent Canada at the World Championships. Complete long ski traverses and climb Canada’s tallest peak. Develop the sport of Ski Mountaineering Racing in Canada!

Personal Sponsors: Ski Trab, Whitewater Ski Resort, Village Ski Hut

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Matt Ruta

Golden, BC


Racing Goals: Represent Canada on the World Cup and at 2023 World Championships. Work hard to get a little faster every season and enjoy the experience!

Personal Sponsors: SkiUphill, Dynafit, Orthotics In Motion

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Nick Elson

Squamish, BC

Personal Sponsors: La Sportiva

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Peter Nowicki

North Vancouver, BC


Racing Goals: Represent Canada at the 2023 World Championships. Keep improving every race.

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Junior (U-18 & U-20) Team

Antoine Corbeil

Victoriaville, QC


Racing Goals: Gain experience in my first international race and promote the sport.

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Ema Chlepkova

Calgary, AB


Racing Goals: To take my even skinnier cross-country skis off and go compete at Skimo World Champs again!

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Maxime Corbeil

Victoriaville, QC


Racing Goals: Represent Canada at the 2023 Junior World Championships.

Personal Sponsors: Ski Trab

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Findlay Eyre

Calgary, AB


Racing Goals: Improving sprint racing and short distance race speed

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Matus Chlepko

Calgary, AB

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Development Team

Akio Kato

Vancouver, BC


Racing Goals: Looking to perform well domestically and to see what European racing is all about.

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Marc-Antoine Vanier

Québec, QC


Racing Goals: Perform at local eastcoast races, at some Canada cup races and start to get experience at the international level. My favourite discipline is the individual.

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Michelle Katchur-Roberts

Canmore, AB


Racing Goals: 2023 Skimo World Championships + Grand Course Racing

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Peter Knight

Edmonton, AB


Racing Goals: Return to my best after beating cancer.

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Vincent Landry

St-Ferréol-les-Neiges, QC


Racing Goals: To reach my highest potential as an athlete and as a person.

Personal Sponsors: The North Face, Dynafit, Ostrya

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Eric Carter

Head Coach

Squamish, BC

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