Selection Criteria and Points

National Team Selection Policy:

Canada Cup Ranking System:

2023 World Championships Selection Guidelines

Note from the selection committee: The selection policy for this round of world championships is the policy published last year.  We do this and post it publicly the year before to give athletes time to prepare.  However, we cannot predict everything and have to make some adaptations – for example, the policy says that we will use an early December race, which did not exist this year.   Please keep in mind that SMCC reserves the right for discretionary changes based on any number of reasons.  That said, the intention is:

  • To select up to 4 athletes for each gender / age / discipline, and 8 for the teams race
  • The same athlete may be selected for multiple events
  • 3 spots each for vertical, individual, and sprint will be awarded based on results at Canada Cup #1: Castle Mountain. Consider this to be the primary qualifying event
  • Once a spot is earned it does not have to be defended
  • 1 spot in the individual discipline will be awarded based on a combination of SMCC discretion, and results at the Jan 28th Norquay citizen series race. SMCC representatives will be present at this race to assess the performance of any athletes who wish to be considered
  • 1 spot in each of the sprint and vertical disciplines will be awarded based on a combination of SMCC discretion and performance at the Kicking Horse open training camp, Jan 21-22, 2023
  • Athletes who are unable to attend any of the Castle Mountain Canada Cup, Norquay Citizen Series and/or Kicking Horse open training camp may apply, in writing, for discretionary consideration by the selection committee. (Contact SMCC)
  • Teams and mixed relay spots will be awarded based on SMCC discretion